How to install JLR Mangoose on Windows XP VM on a Windows 7?

Users are told JLR Mangoose v142 only works with Windows XP, not wondering whether it is successfully to install Windows XP VM on a Windows 7. The answer is yes.
V142 JLR Mangoose for Jaguar and Land Rover
User’s Successfully Experience:
You must run the program in Windows XP 32-bit. I first installed it on an old XP laptop, then after more research I successfully created a Windows XP virtual machine on a Windows 7 laptop, and that’s what I’m using now.

How to install Windows XP virtual machine on a Windows 7?
The system I picked up is not the SDD software alone. It is embedded in a VM package that the DVDs have. Essentially, you’re installing a vMwareimage that has an XP OS and the SDD software already installed on it. Unless you can get the .msi for the SDD, then you won’t be able to install it onto your own VM inside Windows 7/8. I hope that helps.
Before you launch the SDD software in it, set the date of the VM back to 1 JULY 2011 and then restart the VM. After that, launch the SDD. If you launch it and it’s into August, it’ll search for an internet connection to update the software and as you don’t have an internet connection (no NIC), it won’t be able to and it will cease functionality the later the date gets.

It’s not hard to do and doesn’t take long. I have a 500GB SSD in my laptop, so it moves quickly as well.