GNA600 Honda Diagnostic Tool Questions& Answers

About Vehicle Coverage:

Q: Does this GNA600 can do Honda from 1996-2012?
A: Yes, it supports Honda vehicles from 1996 to 2012. It can diagnose all Honda and Acura vehicle systems on models from 1992 to present year.

Q: Can GNA600 work on hydrogen fuel vehicles?
A: Yes, it can.

Q: Is it work on some of Acura or all Acura vehicles.
A: GNA600 supports all Acura vehicles.

About Function:

Q: Can this do Vin modify for 2014 Acura? And how about for 2014 Honda Vin modify
A: Sorry, GNA can not do that function.

Q: If it is possible that not program the keys but can not resync the programming keys??
A: This one can do key programming, but can’t do ECU immobilizer resync.

Q: Will GNA600 do odometer correction?
A: It can realize some odometer correction function but main function is diagnose and programming.

Q: Can it read VIN code of CANBUS cars?
A: Yes, it can.

Q: Does this GNA600 do key programming function?
A: Yes, it can do program keys.

Q: Apart from diagnosis, what other function can it do?
A: GNA600 Honda diagnostic system is a multi functional tool supports ECU chip tuning, mileage correction, airbag reset, reprogram key and install new or used PCM’s functions.

Q: How to connect the GNA600 with cables?
A: You may refer the picture below:
Connect the GNA600 with cables

About Software:

Q: What the current version of GNA600 Honda diagnostic tool?
A: GNA600 has released to the latest software version V2.027.

Q: Can you tell me what software is needed?
A: GNA600 includes 3 software : IDS V85, JLRV136 and GNA600 V2.027.

About Computer System:

Q: What the computer requirement of GNA600?
A: It works only on Windows XP operating system.

Q: Does this product support windows 7 computer 64 bit?
A: It can be only used on Windows XP system.

About Update:

Q: Can it be update? How?
A: GNA600 diagnostic tool supports lifelong update online.

Q: How to update for the GNA600?
A: GNA600 can update by CD, you can send the serial number on the main unit to us, my technician will update the software for you.and then will send the new version CD to you. then it is ok that you can install the software on your computer.

About Language:

Q: Does it support Spanish?
A: Yes, it does. GNA600 supports Multilanguage including: English, Chinese, Spanish, French (Standard), Indonesian, Korean, Portuguese (standard),Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese.

Q: Does it cover German language?
A: Yes, GNA600 supports Multilanguage including: English, Chinese, Spanish, French (Standard), Indonesian, Korean, Portuguese (standard), Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese.