Technician Experience with GM Tech2

GM Tech2

1) GM TECH2, GM programming and C6 diagnosis
The GM Tech2 is still a stable workhorse of a scan tool for the GM stable. I still have an old Tech1a which I use on the older cars mainly before 2009 year. My Tech2 is the only scan tool that I use when tuning our cars. I prefer it over the scanner software that is included in the tuning software. For me it much easier than wrestling with a laptop when on the dyno and especially when driving on the street. GM MDI is the new standard, but it is only for a few cars (GM and Opel) at this time. One being the new gen Camaro. It is part of the new Global Diagnostics systems that GM is steering towards.

If you had a Tech2, you could possibly talk to the dealer and have them access their TIS system to load the BCM or PCM calibration to your Tech2. Some may do it.
If you can’t do that, just buy additional TIS2000 with USB key.

GM tech2 would NOT work with All C5’s, if you are going to use it on a C6, make SURE you have the CAN D modules.

2) GM Tech2 is too pricey for personal
Someone consider GM Tech2 is too pricey for personal, some simple cables may help, and then they searched kinds of elm327 USB.
Obd365 engineer options: problem is that solution like the scanners you can buy in the auto parts store is incomplete. All it lets you do is access OBDII codes which are about 55% of the codes that can occur on the car. The others 45% are where you have issues and where a lot of failures occur. If you do nothing to the ECM you can go for years and many thousands of miles without ever needing to read the OBDII codes.

3) GM TECH2 can do-personal experience
Update I purchased the correct updated memory card off the internet with the GM Calibrations and I purchase a used CANDi module so I can use it on my C6.
My GM TECH 2 is now fully functional for F body, C5 and C6. It cost me a lot more than the initial $1000 that I thought was a good deal. Lesson learned..

If you get a used one, MAKE SURE it is properly updated, has the correct memory card and has all the required adaptors and cables otherwise,, it just a pretty paper weight!