How to oil reset BMW Mini with SI-Reset BMW Tool

What to do when your dash warns you oil change required. BMW mini owners will be mess up how to reset change oil maintenance light. Here is the easiest way to reset the change oil light.
Reset Change Oil Maintenance light
First of all, you need an oil reset tool to help you complete the task. SI-Reset BMW OBD2 tool is not bad a choice ($13 or so).

Then plug the SI-reset tool into the OBD2 port of your vehicle (SI-Reset supports BMW Mini & Rover 75 vehicles after 2001 via OBD2 socket). All LED’s of SI-Reset will blink and stay on.
LED's of SI Reset blink and stay on
Next, turn on the ignition switch to enable the board electronic but do not turn on the motor.

After that press the button for the operation you want to perform shortly. The LED light which you already chosen to operate would illuminate, the other LED’s would be off vice versa.

If all LED’s display a light chain which means oil reset process is completed.

Warm Prompt:
You need to make an inspection reset before an oil reset on some dashboards. Please consult mechanic or engineer before oil reset.