Best GM diagnostic and programming tools

GM tech2-the oldest and hot GM scanner
1) GM tech 2 saves money
GM TECH2 is very hot among GM car owners and technicians. It is compatible with GM, SAAB, OPEL, SUZUKI, ISUZU and HOLDEN (Note: GM tech2 package contains only one memory card and contains one software, if you need use other software, just spend another 25usd to buy additional 32MB memory card); has the function of diagnosis and also programming by communicating TIS2000 with USB key, if you need not to program, TIS2000 which cost about 18USD is not added, don’t you think you can save money?
GM Tech2
Recently, in order to help customers save money, is available with a newest package of GM tech2, only with carton package no plastic box, and only 3.2KG, compared with the package that weight more than 8KG, it will save you much shipping fee and easy custom clearance. More information, you may read at:

2) GM tech2 is friendly for its choice option
GM tech2 is compatible with several version of software; work with not only GM cars. But, it doesn’t contain all of the software, any software you need, just order additional one, and USD25USD is very cheap compared with the 66USD of Launch iDiag software.

Besides, GM tech2 is available for both diagnosis and programming, but if you don’t want to program, you need not spend additional 18USD to buy TIS2000.

High Quality GM MDI
GM MDI is more 200USD higher than GM Tech2, it is original one with high quality, can communicate via WIFI; can support European Chevrolet offline programming General Motors Global Electrical Architecture (Global A) and Global Diagnostic Hardware &Software Global Diagnostic System DGS& Mutiple diagnostic Interface MDI.

Many users have proved it can work with newest GM car models after 2009 year.

After carefully learning from the above paragraph, you will have a clear idea on which one meet your needs, including function, price and workable car models and years.

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