Solution for Land Rover P1415 and P0174

Land Rover Car details: Land Rover 2010, with 150 thousand KM on it.
Land Rover Problem: Check engine light on.

Solution: connect JLR Mangoose V138 with the car, install the driver according to seller user instruction, then go to diagnosis, I got the following codes:
– P1415 code (P1415 Secondary Air Injection System – Malfunction Bank 2 RH)
– P0174 (System too lean (bank 2)
– P0150 O2 sensor circuit malfunction (bank 2, sensor 1)

How I solved the problem?
I did some research about the codes on this and other LR forums and the RAVE. This seems like a pretty common problem so I thought I would share my remedy.
I isolated the problem to the bank2 SAI valve. I could not identify any vacuum leaks or clogged hoses. What I did find out was the sound the bank 1 SAI valve makes when it operates properly. I removed the bank2 valve and cleaned it out with a liberal amount of parts cleaner then reinstalled it. Applying vacuum to the newly cleaner valve (I wouldn’t call it clean) I got the noise that the good valve was giving me. Apparently it was just a stuck valve. I cleared the codes and only the P0150 has returned…got a new O2 sensor on order.

Video: How to Install V142 JLR mangoose software