(Solution) Xhorse MVCI Toyota Techstream Unable to Connect to VIM

Xhorse MVCI users got error: unable to Connect to VIM , during connect techstream via mvci to Toyota car models as following picture shows:
Xhorse MVCI unable to Connect to VIM
Obd365 engineer answer: It’s not Xhorse product quality problem, but you need a simple reset, set the area to Europe.

Step-by-step to do as follows:
1. open Techsream software, in the toolbar click “Setup-Techstream conficuration”
Setup techstream conficuration
2. Area Selection: select “Europe” under the drop list among Japan, North America, Europe and other.
Area Selection Europe
3. Default Language Selection
Language Select
4. Techstream Conficuration: no need input nothing, click OK.
Techstream conficuration
Note: if the above solution not work, try these:
1) In the Techstream toolbar, click ” Help- DLC3 Cable Check ” to check your conectivity problems with car.
2) Try to install on another desktop, better with windows XP.

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