Tools for Ford 2010 Key and Remote programming

My Question:
I have ford expedition 09/10. Customer has one working key and no remote and needs spare 2 remotes and 2 keys.

I got communication with the car under PATS 5 CAN. I have few doubts:-


1. Does this car use 4d 63 or 4d63+(80 bit)

2. Which remote does this car have? Among the following 3 keys, which one is?
ford key

ford remote key

ford remote key
3. At last, but not least: which all Ford key programmer have you all used which could code keys successfully in it.(i have been reading in forum for late ford models where tcode could not crack incode access, I was wondering this car would fall into that category)
PS: i don’t own a ford ids vcm

One experienced technician reviews:
the oem key supplier, has dropped 40 bit for the most part, since 80 bit key is backwards compatible. Others will probably do the same. I use clone v86 IDS VCM, have been unable to use SBB or T-300 on Pats 5 can. X100+ key pro is supposed to work it, but I have not tried mine on it. Any standard Ford remote will program into 2010 with on board programming, the 8 times off and on, then lock unlock on remote, turn key off, remote programmed. Have not done remote head keys on Ford. Note: as for the pin code attraction, use Ford Outcode/Incode Calculator to get it.