Review on V15 GDS VCI diagnostic tool for Hyundai and Kia

I got my GDS VCI scan diagnostic tool with the newest version V15 for two month. The original intension is quite simple because the unit is the only OEM scan tool for Hyundai and Kia. I lost USD 409 for the unit paid via PayPal. The package came at my door four days later.

The installation was beyond easy. I plugged the device to laptop, and the “PC Comm” turn red. There were totally four steps for the whole diagnostic processes including preparation, diagnostic, vehicle S/W management and repair. Preparation stage stored some vehicle information and operation condition. I was required to enter VIN number when came into the diagnostic stage. GDS enabled me to cleared DTCs for my 2001 and 2004 Hyundai. The final repair stage contained some knowledge for the replacement, circuitry etc.
Second time I tried to post diagnosis on my wife’s 2003 Kia. But the program did not work any more. I had to seek tech support of the obd365. I was warned by the customer service not to install Hyundai and Kia software on the same computer. That means, I had to change another computer if I want to install Kia software. Most importantly, I had to install Hyundai master DVD first before installing Kia software. Otherwise, the software installation will be failed. It sounds a little confused but simple in operation.

The only pity is that is compatible with only English. I have not do update yet. It will so be realized in the near future.

Glad to share installation video: